Architectural Plans Begin!

Architect Dave & Del taking a break from measuring for lunch

Dave Eckes, architect for the project, came to Moscow for the weekend of January 6 – 8. Every inch of the new facility (located on Taylor Street) was measured so the process of drawing architectural plans can begin. Approximately 3,000 square feet will be added to the current facility so the new Steel House can support up to 30 residents. The overall size of the home upon completion will be around 6,000 square feet.

Over the course of the weekend, a structural engineer, an electrician, a life safety systems specialist, and a commercial kitchen specialist all toured the facility to provide valuable information on how the new home could be designed. It was remodeled in 2003 so much of the existing facility is in good condition. The main floor will remain a living room with three bedrooms but will connect to the dining/kitchen (where garage is currently). A second story will be added above the garage and main floor. The second floor will be living and sleeping areas for the residents. The basement will be remodeled to add a study area, family (TV) room, storage, laundry facilities, and two bedrooms.

By Friday, January 13th, Steel House will apply for a “conditional use permit” with the City of Moscow to allow for parking off-site and for the final approval to use the facility to house 30 residents. The City of Moscow “Board of Adjustments” committee will meet on February 7th to review the application. Although the homes on Taylor Street are set up as R-4 zoning, conditional use permits are still required. Since Steel House doesn’t officially own the building yet, the current owner of the house will apply for the permit.

The bond issue paperwork is being prepared by D.A. Davidson in Coeur d’Alene. By the end of January or early February, the bonds will go up for sale. The funds will then be released to Steel House within approximately two weeks of the sale so the purchase and remodel can begin. The projected start date of construction is the middle of March with a completion date of August 1st. The bond issue amount will be in the neighborhood of $850,000. These funds will include the purchase of the existing building ($190,000) and the remodel/addition. Additional funds of about $100,000 are needed to purchase furnishings and supply the commercial kitchen.

Over the month of January, the building committee will interview potential general contractors who will become part of the process from the final design to completion. The general contractor will work with the building committee to choose all the sub-contractors. Once the general contractor is chosen, final plans will be prepared for approval. Current residents have provided input (and will continue to do so) about what they’d like to see in the new facility.

By the beginning of February, a newsletter will be prepared that will be e-mailed to Steel House alumni concerning the project. Just to be sure that you make this list, please send an e-mail to: for all future newsletters. Please pass the word to any Steel House alumna that might be interested in following our progress. Pictures will soon be added to this blog, too.

For anyone interested in purchasing bonds, please contact Michael King of D.A. Davidson. His number is 208.667.1212

Keep checking back for updates or sign up to recieve e-mails every time this blog is updated.


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