Applying for local grants!

Steel House will be applying for a grant through The Inland Northwest Community Foundation for the Community Strategies Grant Program. The application will be submitted by January 24th with a decision being made by May, 2012. Funds for this grant could be anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 and would be used for furnishings (commercial kitchen appliances, dishes, desks, chairs, dressers, beds, etc).

Steel House Inc. has a bank account for tax-deductible donations at AmericanWest bank. This separate account is set up for the building fund under the title of “Steel House Building.” We are in the process of raising $100,000 to help cover all costs of furnishing a home. Please pass this information along to any Steel House alumni that you may know. A newsletter will go out soon (and be posted on this blog) with information pertaining to the building project.

As of this week, the grant application will be filed, the architectural site plans have been submitted to the City of Moscow for review at a Board of Adjustments Committee meeting in early February (February 14?), and the process will begin to solidify the general contractor for the project. An offer on the 503 Taylor Street house was submitted and accepted with a proposed closing date of no later than February 29. The bonds should be going up for sale by the end of January with funds being available by the end of February. We hope to break ground by the middle of March.

Next on the agenda: start finalizing the architectural plans with the assistance of the general contractor. Residents, board members, and alumnae will work with the building committee to finalize finishing details needed to prepare for the start of construction.

Continue to invite Women of Steel to join this blog to stay updated with our project. In addition, we can only identify about 25% of our alumni base because former residents have either not kept in contact with the University of Idaho, we have incorrect contact information, or we don’t know people’s married names to even find them in the University of Idaho system. Help us continue to identify our alumni!




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