Conditional Use Permit Approved!

     After a long meeting with the City of Moscow Board of Adjustments Committee, the application for our project was unanimously approved. The meeting started with the committee reviewing our proposal. They then asked me to come talk about Steel House (which I didn’t know that I was supposed to do). They asked me to describe the floor plan and how Steel House would function. This included a short history of Steel House, were we are living now, and why we want this particular piece of property.
     There were several neighbors there who opposed the project and got up to speak; many with typed statements. It was friendly in nature and after over an hour of testimony, the committee voted on the proposal. They voted to accept the proposal with conditions that we try to save the trees in the back, put a privacy fence across the back of the property, and set the capacity at 28 because of current parking restrictions. Should the University of Idaho provide additional parking spaces off-site, we can go back to the committee to increase the capacity as the need arises.
     One of the committee members pointed out that the only reason there was even a CUP application is because Moscow has a city ordinance that only allows for up to five non-related residents to live in the same house. Because we’re a “cooperative,” we needed to apply for the permit. This committee member said that if someone wanting to develop the property came in, they could put enough apartments on the property to house 40, which would create a bigger impact on the neighborhood. Our proposal, other than a single family dwelling is the best possible scenario for the neighborhood.
     After the meeting, we got to meet all the neighbors. They are long-time Moscow residents who were very friendly and cordial. When they found out that we DO want to save the trees and won’t allow drinking on the premises, among other things, they were much more in favor of our proposal. They asked if they could be included in the design process. We talked about parking issues on Deakin Extension and ways to resolve those. In addition, I suggested that we meet at one of their houses in the future so we can Skype David Eckes as we continue working through the process of outside designs (as needed). There was even talk of a community garden. So, it appears we are off to a good start.
     Over all, it was a good meeting and I feel that the neighbors are willing to work with us. This hurdle being passed, it’s on to securing financing through the bond issue. More on that as I get information…

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