We have a temporary home!

As of “around” the 19th of May, Steel House (via assistance from an alumnae) will own the house at 503 Taylor. We have until December 9, 2012 to secure a purchaser for the bond issue through Idaho Housing and Finance.

Where does this leave us? Within the last two weeks, we’ve secured another on-campus facility for the next two years. We will be moving to the Delta Chi house, located at the northeast corner of the Administration Building lawn. This home will house up to 34 residents. We move in on August 1st. Fees for the school year are $5,900 (double occupancy). Fees include room AND board for this facility. Only double rooms remain. The Delta Chi cook (whom they love) will stay with us for our two years in their home.

What about the Taylor Street House? The plan is to rent this house to upperclass FEMALE students. Two of the rooms will be doubles ($375 per month) and two will be singles ($450 per month). The lease on this home will be like the on-campus facility with a ten-month contract. It will be furnished and include utilities in the rent. However, residents will be on their own for food unless they wish to purchase a meal plan through the main house.

What’s happening in the future? The hope is to have the bonds purchased before Christmas of 2012 for the Taylor Ave house. The next step is to work with a builder and architect on finalizing the overall building plan, purchase the permits, and then begin construction sometime in early spring of 2014. Residents may live in the house up to the time of construction.

What about summer residents? Summer residents will be housed at the Taylor Avenue facility. We will probably only sign a 10-month lease with Delta Chi for two years. Our new home on Taylor will need to  be completed and ready to move into by the fall of 2014. Until that time, we will have access to two facilities.

Who can live in the two houses? At this time, only the Delta Chi house will count towards the on-campus requirement for freshmen, as the Taylor Ave house will not be set up using the same requirements as other on-campus facilities. Students interested in a larger house (two doors down from the music building) AND freshmen, will be most interested in the Delta Chi house. For residents who want to live on their own but still live on the edge of campus, the Taylor Avenue house is a good option.

Want more information? Contact Del Hungerford at delh@uidaho.edu

Signing a contract: The contracts for living in Delta Chi are on the website. Follow this link to “housing agreement” to upload, fill out, sign, and then send the contract. The Taylor Avenue house contracts must be requested as it will fill up quicker.


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