Board of Directors

The residential portion of Steel House is sponsored by the Dean of Students office at the University of Idaho under the guidance of Dr. Bruce Pitman. The Board of Directors that oversees the operation of the facility is comprised of women who lived in Steel House while they attended the University of Idaho. The Board of Directors works closely with the residents and the University of Idaho to provide a positive living environment for the on-campus facility currently located in a rented fraternity house. By the fall of 2012, Steel House will have a new home on the edge of campus, only two blocks from the original facility.

Steel House Board of Directors:

  • Del Hungerford, President
  • Betty Meloy, Secretary
  • Sue Chen, Treasurer
  • Tecla Blood, Corresponding Secretary
  • Arleen Pence, Bookkeeper
  • Carolyn Smith, Director
  • Muriel Oaks, Director
  • Rachel Stemach, Director
  • Heather Frazier, Director

Contact the Board of Directors:

Steel House Building Committee:

  • Del Hungerford, Project Manager
  • Dave Eckes, Ltd., of Dave J. Eckes Architecture
  • Arleen Pence, Project Bookkeeper
  • Carolyn Smith
  • Karyl Davenport
  • Michael King of D.A. Davidson, Financial Advisor
  • A local general contractor (TBA)

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