Moving Forward

Welcome to our new followers! The Board of Directors met on Saturday, December 17th to go over the next few stages of our building project. Our architect, Dave Eckes, will come to Moscow in early January to begin the design plans. He’ll meet with potential general contractors, sub-contractors and the Board of Directors to finalize various aspects of the project.

The general contractor will be chosen in January and will work side-by-side with board members and the architect through the design and final budget process. The overal budget will be set in December as the bond issue proceeds. Paperwork for the bond issue has already begun and should be complete toward the end of January. At that time, the “lot” of bonds goes up for sale with finances becoming available about two weeks after the sale. D.A. Davidson out of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho will be handling the sale of the bonds. Once the entire lot of bonds is sold, they can then be individually sold off. Interested? Contact Michael King in the Coeur d’Alene office of D.A. Davidson. 208-667-1212.

The Board of Directors is also working on setting up an account at our bank where donations can be sent. Although the bond issue will cover the construction, it doesn’t cover furnishings. We’ll need to raise nearly $100,000 to purchase bunkbeds, mattresses, dining room tables, window treatments, desks, dressers, shelving, and much more.

Happy Holidays to everyone! There should be more updates soon!


Welcome to the Steel House blog for our building project!

Steel House is about to embark on the adventure of preparing our new home. Follow this blog as we begin the building project. Pictures, updates, additional information, and comments specifically concerning the building project will be posted for your reading pleasure.

On Friday, December 9th, the Idaho Housing and Finance Association ( approved a bond issue for Steel House to build! As more information is available about that bond issue, we’ll post it! Feel free to let other “Women of Steel” know about our project. There will be opportunities to donate funds, services, materials or household items.

To learn more about Steel House, check out our web site:

We hope you enjoy reading and contributing to our blog! 🙂

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