The Project…

Starting in the spring of 2008, the board members of Steel House Inc. began to pursue options for a permanent home. In early October of 2011, a house on the edge of the University of Idaho campus was about to be  put on the market. When the current owner found out that Steel House would like to make her family home the “new” Steel House, she was delighted to work with the Board of Directors on the project.

Fast forward to December 9, 2011… Steel House applied for a bond issue through Idaho Housing and Finance Association and was approved for a bond to purchase and remodel an existing facility. At some point, those bonds will go up for sale. When that information is available, it will be posted on this blog.

The funds from the bond issue will cover most of the expenses for the remodel but not all… Such items as dishes, dining room furniture, commercial appliances for the kitchen, beds, mattresses, and other items generally not part of a construction project must be provided through means other than the bond issue. Because Steel House Inc. is a 501c(3) charitable organization, donations of funds and supplies can be given for a tax deduction.


AmericanWest Bank

ATTN: Steel House Building Account

PO Box 8879

Moscow, ID 83843

To make a donation, you may send a check to the above address, make an on-line payment through your own checking account or call the bank and make a payment with a credit card.

Questions?  e-mail


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